Certain kinds of NUTS can be used for baths.  The procedure is different than the herb bath.  NUT baths are made by boiling a few NUTS in an IRON POT for a fairly long period of time.  Fresh water must be added occasionally, and when the cooking is completed, you should have about a quart of the mixture to add to the tub bath.

Only an iron pot is used for nut baths.  Pot made from other metals influence the intention of the bath in an adverse manner.  Neither NUT nor herb baths should be made in aluminum containers.  Aluminum is not a natural metal, but is made of aluminum oxide ore.  The nature of aluminum places it out of harmony with the nature of the plants and nuts you wish to use.  Generally speaking, it is better to use iron or stainless steel cookware.  This is an important point to observe when making baths.



The WALNUT bath is a cleansing bath.  It has the specific property of assisting in the breaking off of a relationship or any contact with another person.  These ties are severed through the use of the WALNUT bath.  Be sure that you want to end the relationship before fool around with this bath, for there is no going back when you have done this.  The CUTTING OFF may only be done once in this manner.  Many people say they want to end something, only to wish to return to a bad relationship because nothing else has come along.  Using a bath has its responsibilities.


Boil Six (6) WALNUTS (Unsalted) in a Iron Pot for about three hours, adding water as required.  You can start with a quart of water but more will have to be added in the cooking process.  You will end up with a HOT BLACK LIQUID that can be used as a bath.  Bathe for Six (6) minutes, taking an immersion every minute for a total of 6 immersions.  You must pray that you can open yourself to love, and pray to increase your ability to love others, even those who hate you.



If you wish to become a more loving person you might try to open up your loving nature through the use of an ALMOND BATH.  Opening up the loving nature is being able to give and receive loving.  Loving, in this case, should not be confused with sex, for that can be done without love.


Boil Six (6) Whole Almonds (Unshelled) in an Iron Pot, just as described in the Walnut Bath.  Bathe for Six (6) minutes, taking 6 immersions.  You must pray that you will open yourself to love, and pray to increase your ability to love others, even those who hate you.,


I am the love of God.  I open my heart to love. I love without conditions.  I love without attachments.  I love without needing to control.



Hazelnuts are for wisdom, and this bath will give you a bit of mental stimulation.  More importantly it will keep your mental body clean for a few days.   This bath is best used under the following circumstances: Mental Depression, Unfocussed Thoughts, Lack of Mental Clarity, Unusual  Difficulty with Speech or Communication.


This bath is made the same way the Walnut Bath is prepared.  Use Nine (9) Whole Hazelnuts (Unsalted).  Bathe for  Nine (9) minutes and immerse yourself Nine (9) times.  As you might gather, Nine (9) is the number for completion and wisdom.  Pray for increased mental clarity or an end of the specific mental condition.



Pecans will occasionally help some people with personal finances.  Don’t use them in a bath if you eat a lot of PECANS, or if you consider PECANS a delicacy.  This is a tricky bath and while it is good for some people it can have Negative results on others.  If you don’t eat PECANS, and wish to try this bath, it is made the same way as the other baths except that you must use a COPPER POT.

Copper is considered the mental belonging to Venus and she rules beauty and comfort.  Wealth is the condition that helps us live in beauty and comfort.  Wealth is the condition that helps us live in beautiful surroundings and in considerable comfort.


Cook Six (6) Pecans for Nine (9) hours.  Bathe for Nine (9) minutes and immerse yourself  Four (4) times.  Pray for increased personal wealth, INCOME, or a  CHANGE IN YOUR FINANCIAL CONDITION.  Do not be specific about the source of the funds as the universe will probably have a better solution than you will.


I am a magnet to money.  I love money.  Money is my obedient servant.  My money multiplies in infinite directions. Money comes easily and frequency.  I have an excellent relationship with money.  I love money.  Money loves me.  Money is always easy to come by.  I am so happy that money is my friend.



Osun Priestess


You can blend your own Incenses using ordinary cooking spices to change the Vibrations in your Home.  All you do is burn your choice of the Household incense remedies listed below to achieve the EFFECT you DESIRE.  Powder it with the HEALTH MASTER from MONTEL WILLIAMS.



When Cinnamon is burned on a Charcoal it has a very CALMING  EFECT.  It attracts influences which stimulate the MIND.  Cinnamon will also discourage AGGRESSIVE QUARRELS in the HOME.  The Cinnamon will also will increase the GIVING NATURE, present in the home when it is burned.   This incense is perfect to burn before a visit from someone you find  NEGATIVE or  MISERABLE.



This is a great incense to burn before SOCIAL GATHERINGS.  It ATTRACKS an INFLUENCE  that increases congeniality.  Burn this incense if you want to create a congenial atmosphere for your friends.  Just burn it 1 hour before the gathering



When you blend Cinnamon and Allspice in equal parts and burn it on a charcoal the environment will produce an energy for smooth and witty vibration in the home.  This is a good incense to burn after you have just spiritual cleansing in your house.  It also adds good feelings to Social Activities or when you wish to increase the level of communication between people.  It does create an atmosphere of Sociability but it is clearly not a LOVE SPELL.



Mace is made from the covering of the NUTMEG  and it should be burned on charcoal.  This will increase the ability for SELF-DECIPLINE.  It is a great incense for a study room.  This incense is also great to burn when you want to CONCENTRATE on a project that needs to be completed.




Osun Priestess


You can use the spin of any FRUIT can be dried and either cut or Powdered. it can be burned on charcoal.  This is a PURE INCENSE, in that there is nothing present but the FRUIT PEELINGS.   Dried Fruit Peelings can be used when an individual wants to affect the SPIRITUAL ATMOSPHERE of any residence.  Fruit incense can help to adjust the vibrations which assist us in living with the Less WASTED ENERGY.



Dried with most of the WHITE CUT AWAY will have a very CALMING  and also a PRODUCTIVE, VIBRATIONS in the home.


When Dried, powdered and burned it has a CLARIFYING VIBRATION and is often very STIMULATING to the ENERGY FLOW in certain people.


When dried  and powdered and used for incense is used to for SOCIAL OCCASIONS when you are concerned about the BEHAVIOR of GUESTS.  This incense will promote decorum in a subtle way.


When dried, powdered and used for an incense, is used for an ELEVATING and SLIGHTLY  SENSUAL VIBRATION to most people.  Those who find it offensive should not use it again.  Afterwards a lighter incense like  FRANKINCENSE INCENSE is burned to clear up the POMAGRANTE VIBE.




Fumigations of  BUILDINGS, PLACES OF BUSINESS, and OBJECTS OF A, USED FURNITURE and AUTOS, are really above the level of the average person.  Like exorcisms, fumigations should be left to the Professional Seasoned Spiritual Practitioner.

One form of incense application which should never be taken for granted or forgotten, or neglected is the fumigation of self.  Anyone who wishes to do so is qualified to do it.  Just follow simple directions.  Use the recommended incense for the best results and to acquire the vibratory influences you are seeking.  Do not experiment with other Incenses, you may create an atmosphere you will not like and the effect will stay with you for at lease twenty-four hours!

Get a straight back chair to sit on.

Put your Incense burner underneath it.

Get a white sheet or pastel or neutral in color.

Light your charcoal and select the Incense from the list.

Put the Chosen Incense on the charcoal when the charcoal is hot.

Sit on the chair in your under garments.

Wrap the sheet around you.  It should drape over the chair like taking a steam bath.  The Sheet should cover everything except your head, draping the chair.  Be careful that you do not touch the sheet with the incense burning, safety is our concern for yourself. It is advised to allow yourself to fumigate yourself for about 10 to 15 minutes.


ALLSPICE:  Is used to restore harmony in relationship with others.   Also, very good when there are difficulties in a marriage or at work.

BENZOIN:  Is used to free one from Spiritual Difficulties when made with a sincere prayer to God for Help.

CINNAMON:   For Protection from others, and calming of oneself, and a sincere prayer for a job or business opportunity.

COFFEE:   Good for protection from Negative Entities.  Use fresh, unused Coffee Grounds, and NOT instant coffee! Make a sincere prayer for the    protection you want and need.  Also great to end nightmares.

FRANKINCENSE:   Good for cleaning and Spiritual Growth.  Great for a general fumigation to start out with.

GARLIC  SKINS:    To remove Negative Thought Forms.  Good  to use when you are Discouraged and one thought preys on your mind. Use the skins the outer part of the Garlic Bulb that you peel off and throw away.  Now you can save it to fumigate your self.

HONEY:    A few Drops on the charcoal will aid in Sweetening one’s temperament.  Brown sugar can also be used.

TOBACCO:   For Physical Protection and freedom from an Evil Influence sent from without.  This can be also used with your sincere prayer to Rid yourself of the ability to Cast the Evil Eye on others. Be careful what you send out comes back like a boomerang.  Break up a cigarette use the organic, and also use the tobacco, or use a pinch of pipe Tobacco.