Women of today unaware of Social Diseases impacted by our unconscious actions are unintentionally putting their children in vulnerable environments.  Here in this blog we are seeking to inform the parent. 

Parents often imagine a child molester being an ugly old man dressed in a trench coat, hiding behind bushes in the dark of night behind bushes in the dark of NIGHT, just waiting for the right moment to kidnap or molest children.  However, child molesters come from all walks of life and not discriminate by Race, Gender, Social Class or Age.

It is a widespread misconception that Child molesters are complete strangers to their victims and statistics of child sexual abuse confirms that 90% of sexual abused victims know their abusers.  Children are most often sexually abused by family members and close family friends, such as fathers, brothers, grand fathers, uncles, cousins, boyfriends of single mothers, baby sitters etc  Also foster children are often put in what should be a protective environment are often molested by friends and neighbors family members of the foster parents. Often times children are put into group homes and molested by the children.

According to the US Department of Justice, pedophiles also referred to as serial child abusers share certain characteristics and behaviors:

  1. He is usually an adult male, but some women also sexually abuse children.
  2. The abuser is often a past victim of child molestation him/her self.
  3. He seeks out children of same age he was when he was victimized.
  4. He is often married and hard-working.
  5. Pedophiles are often employed within a wide range of occupations.
  6. They are usually well-liked and respected community members.
  7. He may be well-educated and a regular church-goer.
  8. He relates better with children than adults.
  9. Some prefer boys, some prefer girls.
  10. He usually prefers a specific age group of children.
  11. Pedophiles take and collect photographs of victims while dressed nude or in sexual poses.
  12. He may collect child-adult pornography.

In addition, perpetrators will often:

  • seek to lower inhibitions of potential victims
  • regularly attend children’s events in the community
  • volunteer in youth organizations
  • coach children’s sports teams
  • chaperone camping or overnight trips
  • frequent video arcades, playgrounds or shopping malls
  • offer baby sitting services
  • seeks jobs where children are easily accessible
  • befriend parents, especially single mothers, to gain access to children
  • participate in internet gaming with children
  • joins social networking websites such as my space, Facebook and other social media
  • become foster parents
  • seek job opportunities where children are easily-accessible


Child molesters are professional con-artist, they are players with words, very skilled when it comes to manipulating children with various GROOMING METHODS.  In order to create a special bond of warmth and trust.  This may involve lavish attention, and gifts of money, alcohol or drugs, playful touching or tickling,  all in an effort to create and atmosphere of secret keeping.  It is important to note that most victims of child sexual abuse do not tell they were sexually abused, even when directly asked by a parent or other authority figures.

Pedophiles are extremely difficult to detect and can be found in the most unlikely places, making it imperative that parents provide children with the tools to recognize and avoid potentially abusive individuals and situations.

Parents must be extremely vigilant in teaching children about Good Touch Vs. Bad Touch, recognize and identify the signs and symptoms of child sexual abuse, and closely monitor children’s activities while online and off-line.  Single-parent homes are especially vulnerable, as the parent is trying to fulfill the role of a two-parent home, usually having a full-time job trying to run a house hold on their own. 


Good communication is the single most effective way of protecting children from becoming sexually victimized.  Children need to be taught the proper and correct words for body parts, as well as the correct term SEXUAL ABUSE other wise, how will children know to tell parents that they were sexually abused.

If you suspect or are told your child has been sexually abused, immediately contact Child Help USA /10

NATIONAL CHILD ABUSE HOTLINE  1 (800) 4 A CHILD  or your Local Police Department.

Peace, Love and Wellness




It has been called to my attention that, Young Women, Young Mothers are in such a turmoil with their choices in the Men of today.  With the obvious sexual revolution, marriage revolutions, the obvious confusions of sexual preferences.  One is forced into social life styles which breed confusions which often cause vulnerabilities for our children.  They are growing up with certain behaviors being modeled by parents that they are emotionally incapable of resolving on their own.  In my attempt to create clarity, I have  researched this information on the effects of leaving our children vulnerable to predators, child predators whom we trust and go unnoticed by mothers because we are unaware of the signs and we do not open to discussion. That being said:


Most pedophiles groom their victims in a series of predictable stages.  Learn what to watch for and how to intervene.


Many people think that Child Molesters are strange men who hide in bushes and snatch unsuspecting children off the streets.  But in truth, a child is much more likely to be molested by some one He or She knows.

Before the molestation takes place, the perpetrator goes to great lengths to cement His or Her relationship with the child to insure compliance.

This behavior is called GROOMING.  According to Interpol, THE MAJORITY OF SEX OFFENDERS GROOM THEIR VICTIMS.  In his publication Child Molesters, A Behavioral Analysis and former FBI Agent  Kenneth V. Lanning, reports the Five Stages of Grooming and the process.  Please take a mental inventory of your circle of friends.  Identifying a possible victim; collecting information about the indented victim, filling a need, lowering inhibitions, and initiating the abuse.  The good news is that there are several opportunities during the process for savvy parents to sport what is going on and put a stop to it.


The First Stage in the grooming process is the identification of a likely victim.  Pedophiles differ in their preferences regarding Gender, Age, Appearances, BUT almost every pedophile looks for a child who is vulnerable in some way.

Keep an eye out for any Adult who does not have children but who spends a lot of time around places like your Childs School and Playground.  DO NOT BE SHY, about asking questions of anyone who seems to be watching Your Child too closely.


The pedophiles next step is to gather as much information as possible about the intended victim.  Often this is done through casual conversation with the victim and/or the victims parents.  BE ON GUARD, if an adult starts asking you or Your Child questions that are overly intrusive and personal. Teach your Child that He or She does not need to provide personal information just because an Adult asks for it.


Once the pedophile knows a little about his victim, he steps into that Childs Life to fill a need.  Thus a poor Child might receive expensive gifts, a lonely Child might receive extra time, and attention, and a Child who feels unloved might receive unconditional affection.

Know the adults who play a dominate role in your Childs life.  Be aware if Your Childs suddenly starts talking about one adult more then any other.


Next the pedophile begins working to lower the Childs inhabitations about sexual matters.  He may make Sexual comments, show the Child pornographic movies, or pictures, or manufacture situations where He and the Child will be undressed.

At this stage, Children sometimes become a little uncomfortable around the abuser.  WATCH for any changes in attitude towards and Adult that has been important in your Childs life. Watch TOO, for inappropriate Sexual comments or interest. (Mr. Smith, says I have big Boobs).


At this stage, the pedophile begins overt sexual abuse of the Child.  When the abuse occurs, many Children show marked changes in their personalities and behaviors.  Often they will look for an excuse to avoid the abuser.

When it comes to protecting your Child from abuse, inform yourself about the adults in your Childs life, investigate further and, if necessary, put a stop to any questionable relationships.  Anyone who truly cares about Children will understand your desire to protect your Child from harm and respect your decisions.

When we are faced with situation such as this it is no ones judgment as to how you should or should not respond to it.  People will need help and it is helpful if you know how your mind receives and processes information.  This is one way a Hypnotherapist whom is certified can assist you with general self improvement.  This will allow you to work through the affliction and allow you to heal and get to the wellness.  Without the healing sometimes we get stuck in denial and the numbness because of the pain.  I am a Certified Hypnotherapist and if I can assist you please contact me.  Peace and Blessings