There are many Traditions that set in place very STRICT RITUALS for INTEGRITY and PURITY, even RENUNCING of WORLDLY PLEASURES, MATERIAL and PHYSICAL deprive. This is not the case here. All is asked is to be sincere, respectful and pure at heart. Recite the PRAYERS with your eyes open or closed, In YORUBA or ENGLISH, SITTING or STANDING is not as important as having a PURE and SINCERE HEART. Having HUMILITY, APPRECIATION and PRAISES to the SPIRITS that have come forward to assist you in your time of need. Make sure you are very CLEAR and PERCISE and to the point in MAKING your requests. BE CRYSTAL CLEAR and make sure it is DEFINITELY what you truly want. YOU also must EMPLOY IWA PELE, good balanced character while making your requests. Remember what YOU PUT OUT ultimately returns to you at a velocity of one million fold, GOOD or BAD the CHOICE belongs to the SENDER. This is how we give birth to OUR KARMA, negative or positive and WE live out the consequences. And our SOULS are ETERNAL. So when making your PRAYER REQUEST and PRAISES keep this in mind.

Making EBO takes time to truly understand the significance and is both an ART and SCIENCE. Once experience is gained you will be able to perceive the SPIRITUAL FORCES present in each EBO offering. You will develop a FEEL of the ENERGIES and when it is HEATED or COOLED. You will know when to create a balance. AS, ABOVE so BELOW. So if the ENERGIES above and below and around you are HEATED they might need some cooling out. You will begin to understand what is needed through your intuition. When to give COOL WATER verses LIQUOR, PALM OIL verses SHEA BUTTER, FRUIT verses a HOT MEAL. Also with the assistance of DIVINATION and their DAY to DAY RITUALS of WORSKIP.


This is what has been handed down from my ELDERS and is true for the ORISA’s in the DAUGHTERS OF OSUN HOUSE.

Cool Water is given to Cool and Soothe, the energy, especially where situations are HEATED and OUT of CONTROL. When the energy is HOT it needs to be COOLED DOWN. This is why when offering LIBATION and PRAYERS, we take a COOL FRESH GLASS of WATER and sprinkle it reciting:

OMI TU TU (Fresh Water)
ILE TU TU (Fresh Home)
TU TU LAROYE (Fresh Road)

Liquor is given to bring pleasure and joy, WINE, BEER, CHAMPAGNE, PALM WINE. Stronger LIQUORS are used to bring STRENGTH to an EBO due. to the potent natures. The CHAMPAGNE and WINE is used to bring about the BLESSINGS of LUXURY blessings.

Palm Oil is excellent in EASING the DIFFICULT energies that are present during hardships. The type of energy that tend to BLOCK and impede and RESTRICTS movement. The Palm OIL smoothes ones process and makes the journey easier allowing for a more FLUID experience. PALM OIL can be given when things seem particularly difficult and require an ENERGY that will ALLOW movement with out RESISTANCE. This can be offered to the ANCESTORS, the ORISA and IFA. And is also offered with EBO.

Shea Butter is a substance used when the individual wants to SOOTH and PROTECT one from impacting energies found in one’s world. SHEA BUTTER is often applied to the HEAD of a PERSON while feed ones ORI. SHEA BUTTER
provides a POWERFUL SHIELD of PROTECTION to those in a VULNERABLE energetic state. LIKE PALM OIL, it softens the way. PALM OIL is not given to OBATALA. SHEA BUTTER is given to OBATALA. SHEA BUTTER is excellent for the entire body as well.

Fruits represent a BOUNTIFUL HARVEST and is given in order to make ones situation as FRUITFUL as the PLANTS and TREES found in NATURE. If you life seem to be without any reward, FRUIT can be given in order to ALLOW the FRUITS of ones LABOR to BLOSSOM. FRUITS are also a means of SUBSTANCE, NOURISHMENT and ABUNDANCE.

The MEAT and MILK from COCONUTS are often used in EBO. The MILK found inside the COCONUT has amazing COOLING and CALMING properties. When energies seem to RAGE out of control, COCONUT MILK is often able quell the storm. If you are feeling STRESSED or OVER EXTENDED, offering your ORI COCONUT MILK can work wonders. The Meat is given to the ANCESTORS and ORISA as food and is also used as a DIVINATION instrument.

Cigars and Raw TOBACCO are often given to the SPIRITS to add STRENGTH and ASE, which is power and life force, to the EBO. This is the same as a metaphysical fuel used by the ANCESTORS and ORISA to accomplish the task at hand. CIGARS are also given to bring FUFILLMENT and a sense of RELAXATION.

Candy and Toys are particularly used with in SANTERIA, LUKUMI, CANDOMBLE, MACUMBA, VOODUN, LOWA, IFA and by the YORUBA of the ORISA TRADITIONS. These offerings are used to FACILITATE the BLESSINGS of JOY, FUFILLMENT and FUN. BABA ESU and THE IBIJI may often request CANDY and TOYS FREQUENTLY. One may give a particular TOY to represent a DESIRED quality or experience. One example, a PLANE may be given to either bring about the opportunity to TRAVEL or to request the SPIRITS BLESSINGS on an already planned trip.

Candles offer the gift of ILLUMINATION, HEAT and STRENGTH. The power of the flame is offered to the ANCESTORS and ORISA in order to give added POTENCY to the EBO. The light emits can be used to INCREASE your ability to see all of the elements present in your situation.

The HEAT provides WARMTH and SECURITY. Also, the SACRED ODU IFA IKA MEJI, states “The head of the Flame always makes a way for itself,” and reveals hidden potential of an EBO that includes a CANDLE. Just as FIRE always creates a PATH for itself, an OFFERING of a CANDLE may be used to make a way for the individual.



Following a consultation it is always very important to gather the items necessary to make EBO, as quickly as possible. If for some reason, you are unable to acquire these items in a timely manner then a SUBSTITUTE OFFERING should be made until ALL of the items have been found. IT IS SIMPLY NOT ACCEPTIBLE TO POSTPONE AN OFFERING INDEFINATELY UNTIL ALL OF THE ITEMS ARE PRESENT. IT is reviewed in the light as a REFUSAL to make the OFFERING ALTOGETHER. FURTHER, this TEMPORARY OFFERING is NOT to SERVE as a REPLACEMENT for the EBO originally requested. The temporary offering only ALLOWS the student time to gather the appropriate ingredients while still acknowledging the SPIRITS and making a TEMPORARY SUBSTITUTION.

In the case where a TEMPORARY EBO is necessary you will offer a glass of COOL WATER and a small plate of CORNMEAL, accompanied by a PRAYER promising the SPIRITS the ORIGINAL EBO as soon as ALL of the items have been collected.

This acknowledges the ENERGIES OPNED during the DIVINATION and HONORS the need to make EBO in order to ESTABLISH or MAINTAIN BALANCE.




EBO, requires that you examine what takes place when an offering is actually made. This is only possible when one understands and comprehends what an EBO actually is.

The term EBO has come to be used to describe the act of making an OFFERING whether that offering is a FOOD item or BLOOD offering only. The purpose of this blog, an EBO is used to mean any type of OFFERING that the STUDENT makes.

An, EBO offering made to the ANCESTORS or ORISA is to show APPRECIATION or THANK YOU for the BLESSINGS received. Thank you for the SUPPORT given in order to ADVERT PROBLEMS, REMOVE OBSTACLES, OPEN THE DOORS OF OPPORTUNITY, and to CORRECT THE BAD KARMA to GOOD KARMA. To TRANSFORM from NEGATIVE to POSITIVE, etc. The physical offering itself often consist of FOOD items such as FRESH FRUIT, COOL WATER, LIQUOR, HONEY, PALM OIL, SHEA BUTTER, TOBACCO, ALAGATOR PEPPERS, KOLA NUTS, and MOLASSES. The EBO may also include other items such as MONEY, COWRIE SHELLS, VARIOUS HERBS, and FRESH FLOWERS. At some times the ORISA might ask one to make an OFFERING outside, like in a NATURAL environment, WOODS, MOUNTAINS, RIVER, BEACH or RAIL TRACKS. The EBO may include a SINGLE ITEM or MULTIPLE ITEMS, depending on the situation at hand and what the energies require.