Hawk Face



I can hear you thinking as you read this blog, why is she talking about a HAWK?  Well I will share with you.  In October, 2015 we did a Ritual for OYA here at the Center.  One Black Hen saved four more.  She made it clear to me she it was not her time.  I read it and the energy was absolute. By,  November they became part of the family so I uncaged them and they were never so happy commanding the back yard.  They were teaching me. Through vibration and telepathic communications, when to feed them, when to fetch clean water, when to prepare their bedding.  They were ready for bed by 5:PM. They did what chickens do, peck and eat grass, chicken feed  and the dandelions.  They were better than a weed wacker.

I started feeling concerned about them, more than usual, so I kept a close watch.  just before Thanksgiving, I felt something wrong especially when I didn’t see them, so I went out there armed.  With my gloves.  I started to see too many feathers.  I ran around the side of the house, and I was face to face with the largest Bird I had ever seen.  He looked up at me but was not even worried about me.  I noticed right away his powerful presence. His eye contact with me, as though he was calculating my moves or reading me.  We were at a stand off.  My water hose didn’t faze him. He kept feasting.  I threw things, He didn’t pay me any attention.  I stomped my feet, He didn’t budge.  I am thinking what kind of Bird is this?  I threw a weight.  He glided on the fence.  I threw another one He glided to a higher fence.  Still checking me out, waiting for me to leave.  Well, finally he let me have my space, He spread his lofty wings and glided like a souring EAGLE.  WOW! I thought what kind of bird is HE?  He was almost as big as an EAGLE, but I knew better.   He left an impression. Of course the LARGE CROWS were hubbering at lease 10.  As I cleaned the yard, he was watching from the high sky.   Well, you know the remaining chickens went into the cage with out a problem.  Didn’t have to force them in.

hawk in flight

I was quite inspired by the BIG BIRD, with the powerful energy whom commanded respect, and had a powerful wing spread.  My psychic chanted HAWK, HAWK, HAWK, so I went to the internet.  I have Meet a NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN CHIEF of the UTE TRIBE of COLORADO RESERVATION. I have enjoyed many Sweat Lodge Ceremonies.  I have visions and have seen the Animals inside the Sweat,  I have experienced the sounds of BIRDS from the East Directions, and a Coyote and White WOLF from the North and East Directions.  So this encounter echoed to me spiritually.

The HAWK is associated with the number 14, with the Tarot Card Temperance.  The Temperance Card represents the Teaching of HIGHER EXPRESSIONS of PSYCHIC ability and VISION.

The HAWK represents a MESSENGER in the NATIVE AMERICAN CULTURE.  The Divinity that carries the messages all over the Universe is ESU, so the Hawk is linked to ESU as well.  The HAWK often shows UP in our lives when we need to pay attention to the subtile messages found around us, and from those we come into contact with.  As with all messages received, it is important to recognize the messages underlying TRUTH.  We will be taught to be observant and also pay attention to what we may tend to overlook.

This could mean a talent we aren’t using, a gift or unexpected help for which we haven’t shown our gratitude for, or a message from the Universe.  As there are so many HAWK varieties, the messages vary and can affect all levels of our psyche.

HAWKS are the protectors and visionaries of the Air.  They hold the Key to HIGHER LEVELS of CONSCIOUSNESS.  This power ANIMAL enables US to AWAKEN VISION and INSPIRES a CREATIVE LIFE purpose.  Having HAWK as a POWER ANIMAL (spirit guide)  means your life will be filled with responsibility because, HAWK people seek the overall view.  You will most probably be aware of OMENS and SPIRIT messages.

A RED TAILED HAWK is special.  It will always be with you, for life. It has direct ties to the KUNDALINI, the SEAT of PRIMAL LIFE FORCE.  It is linked to the BASE CHAKRA.  If you have this POWER ANIMAL, you  need to be aware of and work toward fulfilling your SOULS DESTINY.  It reflects far greater in TENSITY of ENERGY with in YOUR LIFE:


Spiritual forces will be felt strong within you.

One trait ALL HAWKS share, is the ability to move between the SEEN and UNSEEN REALMS, GRACEFULLY, joining both worlds together.  Their ACUTE VISION attributes this ability, their discriminating NATURE keeps them OUT of Dangers Path.

HAWKS have a BROAD vision, allowing them to see what the future holds.  In man this is a SYMBOL of PROPHETIC INSIGHT.  If this gift is under developed, it is common for people with this POWER ANIMAL to have a tendency of over analyzing everything.  When this is so, CLEAR VISION is lost.  You must learn to keep your analytical mind under Control, not allowing it to run wild.

HAWKS, also posses many HUNTING SKILLS.  The most common, when pursuing PREY, is to SWIFTLY follow the PREYS efforts to get away.  Once the PREY is caught in the HAWKS mighty TALONS, it is then dismembered  with their SHARPLY POINTED POWERFUL BEAK.  There is nothing weak about this bird.  For US, this may indicate that we may be able to RUN but we can not HIDE from OUR DESTINY.  For eventually it will catch up with us.

The DESTINY of MAN is to awaken from their SPIRITUAL AMNESIA and to realign with the ORIGINAL intention of their SOUL.  When the HAWK gets ahold of us in his POWERFUL TALONS, WE will be asked to evaluate who WE have become and to shatter our SELF CREATED ILLUSIONS.  This will help our inner truth to come out into the OPEN and for it to shine.

HAWK DENOTES UNION WITH ALL THAT IS.  The HAWK is a BIRD of the HEAVENS, arranging the changes necessary to prompt our SPIRITUAL GROWTH.  Having this POWER ANIMAL can be BITTERSWEET.

When accepting its presence in YOUR LIFE, you will be asked to SURRENDER, GIVE UP anything that doesn’t HONOUR the I integrity of ALL LIFE.  Whether its an idea, feeling, or action.  Although hard work is involved, the REWARDS to be REAPED are GREAT, for out weighing this.






Times passes, life happens, distance separates, children grow up, children pass away, jobs come and go, love waxes and wanes, we stagger in unconsciousness, our heads are budded.  Men don’t always do what we expect or what they’re suppose to do.  Hearts break, secret enemies are revealed,  parents die, colleagues forget favors, and careers end……….BUT……..SISTA’S Are THERE!  No Matter How much time and how many miles are between you…….A Friend GIRL is never farther away than a phone REACH………..

When you have to walk that LONESOME VALLEY and you have to walk it by YOURSELF, the SISTAHOOD established in your lives will be on the VALLEY’S EDGE, CHEERING YOU ON,  PRAYING FOR YOU, PULLING FOR YOU, INTERVEINING ON YOUR BEHALF and waiting with open arms at the Valley’s end.  HIP….HIP…HURRAY….MY SISTA YOU MADE IT THROUGH and the BLESSINGS over shower your WORTH!





599302_228387903988875_1841917319_n (1)


The Yoruba Religion is complex and a combination of THEOLOGY and RITUAL.  In order that we understand its fundamental ideals, it is also necessary to give the basic explanations about the tenets of YORUBA thought.

The YORUBA are NATURE worshippers.  NATURE worship in this sense means REVERENCE that is paid to the DIVINE BEING(S), whom are the controlling creative FORCE within the UNIVERSE. We are speaking on ENERGIES, that works for us or against us.

The YORUBA also believe that the FORCE of NATURE, or GOD, is the SUPREME BEING.  This SUPREME BEING is referred to as OLODUMARE.  The SUPREME HEAD who is head of the fullness of ALL things and REMAINS UNCHANGING always PERMANENT. The CREATIVE  and CONTROLLING source of ALL blessings throughout the universe.

The YORUBA also believe that, OLODUMARE  is a pure energy composed of both male and female energies the SOURCE BEING who puts beings in a person, without  man/woman cannot become a person.  The Yoruba also believe, that OLODUMARE affixes destiny in each of us and controls it eternally.  From before we are born, when we are born, all through life, at death, and after death.  We are all in the governorship of the SUPREME DEITY OLODUMARE.

OLODUMARE in a infinite UNIVERSE, he has no time directly involve himself in all the affairs of men. The YORUBA believe OLODUMARE rules in absentia that he relinquished his role to OBATALA, giving him the AUTHORITY to govern in his absence and his powers were divided among the deities who were called ORISA.  The ORISA are deities with certain attributes whom ascended onto earth to leave, gifts, their attributes, elements etc. into the Earth and are remembered by even today.  This will be shared on blogs on each ORISA.


Osogbo Precession 2014


The original founding of OSOGBO as an inhabited town happened as a result of a drought that was ruining the town of Ipole-Omu, located in the EKITI HILLS of Yorubaland.  The eighth and last reigning King of Ipole-Omu, OWA LAROYE was a descendant of ODUDUWA, whose paternal forefather, ‘OWA  ADEFOKANBALE AGBOGUNYORUN BI AKALA’  also known as OBOKUN, founded IPOLE.  OWA LAROYE, along with a great hunter, Timoyin, who was a devotee and PRIEST of ORISA OGUN (Divinity governing the principle of the cutting edge of life, led the people who founded the city of OSHOGBO.

Tradition history dramatizes a wonderful account of that event.  One day, while hunting in the IKPOLE forest, TIMOYIN killed a female elephant who was in the process of giving birth to her calf. In TRADITIONAL AFROCENTRIC SOCIETIES, this act is considered a very serious crime, because it is in direct violation of the reproduction principle of MOTHERHOOD.  When committed, it causes CREATION to react with TERRIBLE DISASTERS.  TIMOYIN  had to establish a shrine in honor of the ELEPHANT and her CALF,  as an ATONEMENT  for  VIOLATING this SACRED LAW.  Afterwards, TIMOYIN the HUNTER became known as TIMOYIN OGUN.  As fate would have it, the village IPOLE soon fell victim to a very long drought which brought much hardship to the residents of IPOLE.   The people were reluctantly forced to leave the area in search for a new place to live.  TRADITION history dramatizes a wonderful account of that event.

During the displaced settlers migration, they traveled many miles in search for a new site to rebuild their village.  Weary and exhausted from weeks of travel, and anxious to rest, they eventually arrived along the deepest water edge of the ODO OSUN.  The EMERALD GREEN WATERS shimmered softly under the morning sun,  as the abundant vegetation surrounding the ODO OSUN perfumed the air with its exhilarating fragrance.  The melody of BIRDS gave serenity to the breeze as their plumage highlighted and laced the giant trees. It was so beautiful that the people decided to make this spot their NEW HOME.

They began cutting down the massive trees in order to clear the virgin land for settlement.  In the process of felling the trees, one of them suddenly fell into the ODO OSUN with a loud splash. It made such a great noise that the people turned around to see what caused such a disturbance.  At this moment, a chilling stillness descended upon the whole area.   The massive ORISA OSUN emerged from the RIVER’S SHIMMERING DEPTHS,  forcing the waters to swell into a rushing current.  GIANT CROCODILES, sacred to YeYe OSUN, stirred from their lazy morning nap and the people scattered in all directions.  As the awesome force of HER ENCHANTING VOICE permeated the silence, the vision of HER GLITTERING SPLENDOR placated their fears, and cooled the heated breeze.  She majestically approached the banks that contained HER DOMAIN, and whispered softly:

‘Oso  Igbo, e ma pele o!   Gbogbo  ikoko a re mini e ti fo tan;  E gun  si ike ki e le gberu!

The people were in the mystifying presence of the Great ORISA YEYE OSUN!  the impact of her voice was so sweetly unsettling in HER Gentle admonishment of the intruding settlers, that their fears were turned into delightful amazement.  The settlers had received a blessing from her revelation that few had known.

‘Spirits of the forest, Greetings!   You have broken all of my dye pots!  You have broken all of my dye pots;  Move away to the top of the hill so that you may flourish!’

The mighty ORISA vanished as suddenly as she had appeared, and submerged back into the river.  Accordingly, as  the ORISA OSUN had commanded, the settlers moved up to where the present ROYAL PALACE is located,  and have since referred to themselves, and the town as OSO IGBO,  ‘SPIRITS OF THE FOREST,’  which has been contracted to OSOGBO.


Osun Festival 2014 at RIVER


In Yorubaland, ORIKI comes up many times in prayers, We want to take a moment to explain what Oriki’s are.  An ORIKI is a praise name for GOD or ORISA.  A praise name is a sweet phrase of the deity, when called by a sweet name one tends to respond favorably, this enables a praising response.  The more it is used it locks a positive frequency to the sender.  It enacts a warm approval or admiration. Below are praise names for GOD.

  • Olorun  owner of heaven
  • Olodumare  permanent supreme head 
  • Olojo oni   owner of the day
  • Eleda   owner of spirit
  • Ori  owner of crown chakra
  • Alewilese  speaks his words to fulfillment

These expressions of warm admiration of God summons the blissful blessings from the almighty.  This holds true when applying ORIKI’S to the ORISA as well.  We will now share some ORIKI’S relating to OSUN in the stories below.


Another ORIKI (Praise name) talks about OSUN life in Ancient YORUBALAND incarnated the beautiful daughter of Apenimo, the traditional founder of EGBE AJE, OSUN was born and grew up in the Ancient Yoruba Village of IGEDE, seven miles west of the town of ADO EKITI.  ADO EKITI is located in ONDO STATE, located in the Northwestern area of present day Nigeria, West Africa.

Although she grew up in the small town of IDEDE, OSUN settled and lived her adult life as IYALOODE of EKITI EFON.  She was a highly respected and powerful woman of great valor and immense wealth.  The people loved her generosity, and clean habit.  Upon her earthly departure, she transformed into the ODO ODUN,  OSUN RIVER.

Osun Grove Esu Stature Carving Susan Wegner   The sacred ODO OSUN attributes to her eternal divinity, rises in the eastern section of EKITI, and flows past the city of OSHOGBO, where her massive grove houses OSUN sanctuaries and ORISA shrines in honor of the GREAT ORISA OSUN.

After ORISA OSUN had carried out her destines in the world of primordial times, she left her most powerful natural forces as a tribute to Her eminence OMI TU TU, the COOL SWEET FRESH WATERS of the world.  Oshogbo State, Nigeria, West Africa preserves an enormous shrine THE GREAT MOTHER OF THE WORLD YE YE OSUN.  Today, the city of Oshogbo remains famous renown artists, brilliant cloth weavers and dyers.  But most of all, OSHOGBO is known for its annual July – August  FESTIVAL honoring the vibrant ORISA YE YE OSUN, on the banks of the ODO OSUN.  The History of OSHOGBO is of paramount importance to OL’ORISA and OMO OSUN especially, because it is internationally acknowledged as OSUN’S HOLY CITY.



Osun Shrine Osogbo River


ORUNMILA was the first ORISA to marry OSUN.  An ESE of IFA


O   O


O   O


Ogunda’Se says that during their marriage, ORUNMILA bestowed upon her 16 COWRIES as a WEDDING GIFT, which her PRIESTS and others use even to this to communicate with the heavens on behalf of their constituency.  Being married to ORUNMILA also enabled the beautiful ORISA to be worshiped on the same day as her FIRST HUSBAND ORUNMILA.  This is the reason why OSUN is VENERATED on the same day in conjunction with ORUNMILA’S sacred day of worship.  Unfortunately, during her first marriage, OSUN did not became pregnant. In AFRICAN TRADITIONS and CULTURE this is most distressing because children are a priority in marriage.

Despondent over her situation, she wanted her husband to have children and so she decided to allow him that right.  She reluctantly left ORUNMILA and nine months later, met and later married  her second husband, SANGO AYILEDGE ORUN.  Their personalities hit it right off and they were very happy as husband and wife.  However, their legendary love and adoration for each other could not remedy OSUN’S inability to conceive children from her new husband, Sango Ayiledge Orun.  In desperation, they both performed all kinds of SPIRITUAL RITUALS, all to no avail!  Since they could not remove the obstacles through ritual, OSUN did not give up.  She talked it over with Sango and they both agreed that she would gather ‘TWO and add it to three’  and, go back to her first husband, ORUNMILA and let him consult IFA on her behalf to ascertain the depths of what was going on.

When OSUN got to ORUNMILA’S house, He was very happy to see her and proceeded immediately to consult IFA.  A portion of the ESE is as follows


O   O


O    O

xx   O

Olakaka fi apo ro 

A dida fun Aridgebe  

Ti i Se Omo tuntun 

Ti Osun wa be Orunmila 

It Ifa so fun Osun pe 

Ko le da Omo tie bi 

Olodumare yoo da oo Omo weer 

Si agbaye fun opolopo agin 

Osun wa n ke pe 

Bi ori kan sunwon 

A ran igba ori 

Ki ori Olosunwon ko ran oun 

Osun kaa sa bimo si aye 

Ori Olosunwon yoo ran Osun

A troubled one hangs her belongings Ifa cast on behalf of Aridedge (Sango)  Who was the son of ESEMOWE (Sango’s mother)  The one who gave lots of BRASS BRACELETS to children to calm them.  Is unable to conceive her own children by her own efforts,  OLODUMARE will bring forth many children from her womb OSUN proclaimed that if one’s character is not good, it will transmit over to others for the head that is good will transcend to others.  OSUN will not die without having given birth to the world.  ORI ‘OLUSONWON’ will help OSUN.

ORUNMILA assured OSUN that this episode of not having a child would soon come to an end its remedy rested indeed in the palace of ORUN (Heaven).  Her original roots begin in heaven and She would have to travel to heaven to seek out her cure.  Her barrenness would turn into fertility, and OLODUMARE will open doors for children to come into world.  He advised OSUN to gather the times he told her and he would offer a special sacrifice, OSUN did as directed and afterwards, ORUNMILA performed a special ritual on OSUN and prepared her for the next stage of the ritual.


Oshogbo Osun Cove

(Osun Grove in Oshogbo, Nigeria)

The next thing OSUN knew, she was in the heavens listening to the voice of OLODUMARE, who asked her what had caused her to be there.  OSUN remained speechless and OLODUMARE told her to relax and calm herself.  After offering her a seat, He began to talk about how her other colleagues had also come to heaven to ask for similar things and the ‘CHILDREN’ of HEAVEN would run away from them for no apparent reason.  Then OLODUMARE opened the door to where the children were.  It was a most beautiful children running and down like locust.  When the children saw OSUN, they ran towards her and she put a secret something into each of their hands.  As soon as she began to taste it, more and more children gathered around her.  She continued  to give them the mysterious substance as they followed her to the junction between heaven and earth.  Once the children arrived at this point, they stopped abruptly. OSUN gave the children the remaining goodies from the pot atop her head and came on back to the world.  Upon her arrival, she noticed that the children had disappeared and started to cry.  She broke down in tears and told ORUNMILA about what she had experienced in her beautiful dream.

ORUNMILA advised OSUN not to cry anymore and CONGRATULATED her.  He told her that she was pregnant and would deliver soon.  When OSUN became three months pregnant her body changed and many barren women also became pregnant.  When the pregnancy  blossomed at nine months nothing could hold back the NEWBORNS that came into the world.  OSUN used her secrets to cool the fevers of her children.  OLRUNMILA commanded the women to preform sacrifice on behalf of their CHILDREN and also to OSUN to show their GRADITUDE.   As one performs the atonement, the following should be song:

E ba wa ki

YeYe O!   

A fi ide re Omo  

E ba wa ki YeYe O?  

A fi ide re Omo  

YeYe O! 

A fi ide re Omo.


Greetings to the

Great Mother

One who uses Brass to calm a child?

Greetings to the

Great Mother

One who uses Brass to calm a baby.

Great Mother,

the one who uses Brass to calm a child…

This is how OSUN is venerated in YORUBALAND!  OSUN healed the fevers of ALL the CHILDREN and they experienced NO other difficulties from that time.  OSUN then became the IRUMALE  ‘OLOMOWEWE’ of the WORLD.


Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove
Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove





A Myth is an invented story through which a LIE/FABRICATION and a truth have equal footing.  It’s integrity lies in the fact that it can be appropriately manipulated to paint a desired picture to suite the painter and the unlooker.  Some ORISA DEVOTEES, influenced by the westernized legacies and shallow points of references embrace the ‘LOOSE WOMAN’ whose commitment to her own AFRICAN FEMINITY falls short. Their shortsighted visions of Her AFRICAN FEMINITY and character reflects their projected intent and does not measure to Her own PROJECTIONS.  It is what you see in your mirror that mirrors that eco’s back.   This shortsighted vision of her African Character and ORIKI, is often veiled by the limitations of inventions, Fairytales and Wishful thinking.



Eji’Ogbe, teaches that IFA exists so that the profane can make atonements for their indiscretions, and opportunists avail themselves of this OPEN-DOOR policy by Eagerly taking part in ORISA initiations as a freeway to their own ‘GODHOOD’ agenda.  The principles of IFA do not require the devotee’s belief as a entrance fee.  It thus becomes attractive to those would rather access the ritual than adhere to the unavoidable strict behavior required to really achieve ‘GOD-HOOD’. Also after receiving the ritual, ritual it becomes fruitless to convince them of the inevitable truth, ‘YOU CAN’T HAVE THE ONE RITUAL WITHOUT THE OTHER, YOU MUST BE RESPONSIBLE WITH CHARACTER WITH ADHERENCE TO PROTOCALS’.  ADHEERNCE TO PROTOCOL IS ALWAYS AUTOMATICALLY IMBEDED IN THE RITUAL.

YORUBAS, in Yorubaland whom worship OSUN have a very different vision of her SACREDNESS than most in our mainland.