Native American Preception of Wolf





When we actually check ourselves we can all improve in all these areas in our lives.  Endurance our ability to be consistent, organized, and prioritize from beginning to end, in all our endeavors.  Teaching our ability to learn from each experience and to look within to make necessary adjustments first and share from an informed position.  Communications our ability to be objective and to look deeper beyond our limitations becoming open to divine openness. In being open make sure you are understanding the mutual points of views. One may see green and one may see blue when viewing the same object, so get on the same page.   Social Skills dropping the formalities and show up as self.  Know thy self and love it for whom it has become, but start with true self.  Cooperation is many in bodies one in mind.  Everyone can not lead in a group, others must follow the goal of the group right or wrong, skilled or unskilled the leader may be, progress comes from the collective.   When the Wolf, shows up he comes with a message and a gift of medicine.


The Wolf is a carnivore and lives in many areas such as thickets, holes, and caves, called dens.  Gray Wolves, also known as Timber Wolves can be found in Northern Europe, Canada, Alaska and Russia,  The Wolf can also be found in the Northern United States.

The diet of Wolves consists of vulnerable animals, such as Weak, Sick, Young, or old prey.  Depending on Wolf’s location its prey is White-tailed Deer, Moose, Beaver, Hare and other small mammals.  The Wolf requires at lease 5 lbs. of meat a every day.  However, there are plenty of lean times before a feast of plenty.  Wolves are intelligent social animals with sharp  keen senses.  It’s ability to survive depends on the cooperation of the pack.


The Wolf’s behavior is established upon a hierarchical structure.  there is a definite order of rank.  The leader of the pack is called the ALPHA Male, and his mate is called the ALPHA Female.  Each Wolf knows his or her place and responsibilities.  Wolves have a complex method of communicating method that involves body language and vocal skills.

If you have a problem in expressing your thoughts, needs or ideas to others, take time to study the Wolf’s behavior.  The Wolf’s message will teach you how to enhance your Verbal communication skills with the appropriate body language.  It would be a great time to study body language, room language and environmental messages.


The Wolfs medicine will help you gain your objectives through cooperative endeavors. A Wolfs message is the power to teach and share information.  If Wolfs energy has entered your life it is time to share knowledge by teaching, writing, and lecturing.  Now is not the time to push ahead on your own.  If you are experiencing family problems or conflict at work, try meeting with the whole ‘PACK’ to resolve difficulties.








Iba Osun Yemu 

Iba Osun Yemu 

Iba Osun Yemu

I give Praise to the Great Mother Osun Yemu

The one who owns the mystery of Woman’s Power

The one who effortlessly nullified the Power of 400 Irunmole

When they foolishly ignored her and disrespected her

because she was a woman

Without her, she decided, they could do nothing

And everything they attempted failed.

All their efforts proved fruitless.

Their exertions were futile.

All their powers null and voided.

They were forced to prostrate themselves, to appeal to her, 

to beg her forgiveness, and include her in all their ritualistic counsels.

Osun Yemu, whom restored their effectiveness

once they homage to her.

We should not be so foolish to disrespect

the mystery of a Woman’s power.  

All our efforts will always come to nothing. 

Ase…. Ase…. Ase…. se…. OO!