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Ose Meji is the Odu that opened divining board for defining the purpose of ‘The Daughter’s of Osun’, in 2012.  I am forever grateful and humbled to share any knowledge gained while on my journey.  IFA is open to all Souls with Iwa Pele (Good Character) and IFA crosses all color lines.  The knowledge of IFA is not here to exploit and take advantage of under knowledged individuals. IFA is reasonable therefore so should we.  The meaning of OSE MEJI translates, (remember there are several interpretations this is ours)


Ose Meji creates abundance through prayer. This signature speaks about the GOOD FORTUNE, the VICTORY, the ABUNDANCE, FERTILITY and the EROTIC.  Symbolically it is associated with FRESH WATER, MOUNTAIN STREAMS, and RIVER WATERS.  IFA says, abundance and fertility are a result of the proper use of  OFO ASE  (Power of the Word) especially in prayer. (Aladura)

Ose Meji, speaks to the fragility in the World. We the people are in a transitional phase of changing conditions in business and relationships. Odu also speaks on NOW being the time for making money and finding a destiny appropriate loving lasting relationship. Individuals will attract to this Temple for consultation and their lives will transform and evolve.  Osun will bless them with her many gifts especially the individual with a pure sincere soul and Iwa Pele (Good Character). This is the positive side of Ose Meji.

In its flip side or negative side, (Ibi) Ose would be the driver to material wealth at the expense of SPIRITUAL GROWTH and IWA.  Ose Meji is also the lure that pulls and attracts individuals seeking truth and change and since out of non cense and understanding where their is none.  In our case  many GOD CHILDREN will develop through this Temple, coming here to develop, grow and to model proper Cultural and Traditional Values.

The letter ‘O’ in OSE is ‘O ASE’ with meji, translates to the SPIRIT OF THE POWER TWICE.  In the odu OSE MEJI this power of the spoken of is the spiritual power that manifests as Ofo ase or the ability to have prayers heard by the Immortals in Orun. The ones who grant us blessings. Orun is the Heavenly Abode in the IFA COSMOLOGY STRUCTURE.  This Odun denotes plenty of GOD Children, Victory over Enemies, and Plenty of Good Fortunes. Those born (initiated) through this Temple/House (Ile) under this Odun are destined to be initiated into Priesthood more likely as Osun Priestess or Priest. If, they continue their studies and elevate consciousness are likely to be called into IFA. This Odun assures many  initiates will manifest through this House (Ile) with Iwa Pele.  This type of God Child is destined to take a position of honor and responsibility with in their chosen professions with financial rewards and create value in the arenas they frequent.

Here, in the Ose Meji Odun, is where ORUNMILA himself (The Owner of 256 Odu Ifa) learned that OSUN is considered the keeper of the mysteries of abundance. Orunmila realized, OSUN enticed OBATALA (The Father of All Orisa) for the wisdom and secrets. OSUN gave it in blessings to her worshipers. By desiring Spiritual Growth and following through, will lead one to the abundance they seek. IF, the right ebos are made, Children of the Ose Meji Odun, will live to be an ripe old age IF, they take care of their HEALTH, EXERCISE, EAT CORRECTLY and MAINTAIN PROPER NUTRITION.

This Odun also speaks on strengthening spiritually, Meditating, getting closer to Orunmila, (IFA) Obatala and strengthening one’s professional capabilities in order to prosper in their lives.

Here in these Blogs we will share the value of Herbs, Herbology, methods and practices.

The Daughters of Osun was birthed under this Odu in 2012……





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  1. These are profound messages that affect me intensely. Our environments, ecologies, fresh waters and air face the threat of pollution, extinction and annihilation at the hands of people who are not even conscious.
    Despite this ongoing tragedy, Spirit is turning many of us, a growing army, toward an ancient wisdom, back to a collective consciousness that speaks to us thru the Odu of Ifa. May everyone come back to consciousness, to life thru the power and grace of Orisha and save our world. Ase….

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