osun Sunset the Daughters of OsunOSE MEJI

Ose Meji is the Odu that opened divining board for defining the purpose of ‘The Daughter’s of Osun’, in 2012.  I am forever grateful and humbled to share any knowledge gained while on my journey.  IFA is open to all Souls with Iwa Pele (Good Character) and IFA crosses all color lines.  The knowledge of IFA is not here to exploit and take advantage of under knowledged individuals. IFA is reasonable therefore so should we.  The meaning of OSE MEJI translates, (remember there are several interpretations this is ours)


Ose Meji creates abundance through prayer. This signature speaks about the GOOD FORTUNE, the VICTORY, the ABUNDANCE, FERTILITY and the EROTIC.  Symbolically it is associated with FRESH WATER, MOUNTAIN STREAMS, and RIVER WATERS.  IFA says, abundance and fertility are a result of the proper use of  OFO ASE  (Power of the Word) especially in prayer. (Aladura)

Ose Meji, speaks to the fragility in the World. We the people are in a transitional phase of changing conditions in business and relationships. Odu also speaks on NOW being the time for making money and finding a destiny appropriate loving lasting relationship. Individuals will attract to this Temple for consultation and their lives will transform and evolve.  Osun will bless them with her many gifts especially the individual with a pure sincere soul and Iwa Pele (Good Character). This is the positive side of Ose Meji.

In its flip side or negative side, (Ibi) Ose would be the driver to material wealth at the expense of SPIRITUAL GROWTH and IWA.  Ose Meji is also the lure that pulls and attracts individuals seeking truth and change and since out of non cense and understanding where their is none.  In our case  many GOD CHILDREN will develop through this Temple, coming here to develop, grow and to model proper Cultural and Traditional Values.

The letter ‘O’ in OSE is ‘O ASE’ with meji, translates to the SPIRIT OF THE POWER TWICE.  In the odu OSE MEJI this power of the spoken of is the spiritual power that manifests as Ofo ase or the ability to have prayers heard by the Immortals in Orun. The ones who grant us blessings. Orun is the Heavenly Abode in the IFA COSMOLOGY STRUCTURE.  This Odun denotes plenty of GOD Children, Victory over Enemies, and Plenty of Good Fortunes. Those born (initiated) through this Temple/House (Ile) under this Odun are destined to be initiated into Priesthood more likely as Osun Priestess or Priest. If, they continue their studies and elevate consciousness are likely to be called into IFA. This Odun assures many  initiates will manifest through this House (Ile) with Iwa Pele.  This type of God Child is destined to take a position of honor and responsibility with in their chosen professions with financial rewards and create value in the arenas they frequent.

Here, in the Ose Meji Odun, is where ORUNMILA himself (The Owner of 256 Odu Ifa) learned that OSUN is considered the keeper of the mysteries of abundance. Orunmila realized, OSUN enticed OBATALA (The Father of All Orisa) for the wisdom and secrets. OSUN gave it in blessings to her worshipers. By desiring Spiritual Growth and following through, will lead one to the abundance they seek. IF, the right ebos are made, Children of the Ose Meji Odun, will live to be an ripe old age IF, they take care of their HEALTH, EXERCISE, EAT CORRECTLY and MAINTAIN PROPER NUTRITION.

This Odun also speaks on strengthening spiritually, Meditating, getting closer to Orunmila, (IFA) Obatala and strengthening one’s professional capabilities in order to prosper in their lives.

Here in these Blogs we will share the value of Herbs, Herbology, methods and practices.

The Daughters of Osun was birthed under this Odu in 2012……







Aboru Boye  Abosisse

We are back and we are very humble and eager to serve the community. We have made some improvements starting with the name change from The Daughters of Osun, to Ose Meji Temple. Ifa, the Orisa and the Egun speak through this blog for the purpose of leading from darkness into the Light of Orun.  We are still an institute for sharing knowledge, clarity and understanding of cultural, traditional values.  Leading with Iwa Pele, peace, compassion, wisdom, health, family and abundance. If you like what we share please tell your friends to tune in and sign in through our email and be amongst the first to receive.  Don’t be afraid to show your appreciation with owo donations.  Make yourself known through your comments and email requests. We will make efforts to find the information for you.  Peace and Bliss       Ase ooo…..Iya Adunni

Native American Preception of Wolf





When we actually check ourselves we can all improve in all these areas in our lives.  Endurance our ability to be consistent, organized, and prioritize from beginning to end, in all our endeavors.  Teaching our ability to learn from each experience and to look within to make necessary adjustments first and share from an informed position.  Communications our ability to be objective and to look deeper beyond our limitations becoming open to divine openness. In being open make sure you are understanding the mutual points of views. One may see green and one may see blue when viewing the same object, so get on the same page.   Social Skills dropping the formalities and show up as self.  Know thy self and love it for whom it has become, but start with true self.  Cooperation is many in bodies one in mind.  Everyone can not lead in a group, others must follow the goal of the group right or wrong, skilled or unskilled the leader may be, progress comes from the collective.   When the Wolf, shows up he comes with a message and a gift of medicine.


The Wolf is a carnivore and lives in many areas such as thickets, holes, and caves, called dens.  Gray Wolves, also known as Timber Wolves can be found in Northern Europe, Canada, Alaska and Russia,  The Wolf can also be found in the Northern United States.

The diet of Wolves consists of vulnerable animals, such as Weak, Sick, Young, or old prey.  Depending on Wolf’s location its prey is White-tailed Deer, Moose, Beaver, Hare and other small mammals.  The Wolf requires at lease 5 lbs. of meat a every day.  However, there are plenty of lean times before a feast of plenty.  Wolves are intelligent social animals with sharp  keen senses.  It’s ability to survive depends on the cooperation of the pack.


The Wolf’s behavior is established upon a hierarchical structure.  there is a definite order of rank.  The leader of the pack is called the ALPHA Male, and his mate is called the ALPHA Female.  Each Wolf knows his or her place and responsibilities.  Wolves have a complex method of communicating method that involves body language and vocal skills.

If you have a problem in expressing your thoughts, needs or ideas to others, take time to study the Wolf’s behavior.  The Wolf’s message will teach you how to enhance your Verbal communication skills with the appropriate body language.  It would be a great time to study body language, room language and environmental messages.


The Wolfs medicine will help you gain your objectives through cooperative endeavors. A Wolfs message is the power to teach and share information.  If Wolfs energy has entered your life it is time to share knowledge by teaching, writing, and lecturing.  Now is not the time to push ahead on your own.  If you are experiencing family problems or conflict at work, try meeting with the whole ‘PACK’ to resolve difficulties.








Iba Osun Yemu 

Iba Osun Yemu 

Iba Osun Yemu

I give Praise to the Great Mother Osun Yemu

The one who owns the mystery of Woman’s Power

The one who effortlessly nullified the Power of 400 Irunmole

When they foolishly ignored her and disrespected her

because she was a woman

Without her, she decided, they could do nothing

And everything they attempted failed.

All their efforts proved fruitless.

Their exertions were futile.

All their powers null and voided.

They were forced to prostrate themselves, to appeal to her, 

to beg her forgiveness, and include her in all their ritualistic counsels.

Osun Yemu, whom restored their effectiveness

once they homage to her.

We should not be so foolish to disrespect

the mystery of a Woman’s power.  

All our efforts will always come to nothing. 

Ase…. Ase…. Ase…. se…. OO!


Hawk Face



I can hear you thinking as you read this blog, why is she talking about a HAWK?  Well I will share with you.  In October, 2015 we did a Ritual for OYA here at the Center.  One Black Hen saved four more.  She made it clear to me she it was not her time.  I read it and the energy was absolute. By,  November they became part of the family so I uncaged them and they were never so happy commanding the back yard.  They were teaching me. Through vibration and telepathic communications, when to feed them, when to fetch clean water, when to prepare their bedding.  They were ready for bed by 5:PM. They did what chickens do, peck and eat grass, chicken feed  and the dandelions.  They were better than a weed wacker.

I started feeling concerned about them, more than usual, so I kept a close watch.  just before Thanksgiving, I felt something wrong especially when I didn’t see them, so I went out there armed.  With my gloves.  I started to see too many feathers.  I ran around the side of the house, and I was face to face with the largest Bird I had ever seen.  He looked up at me but was not even worried about me.  I noticed right away his powerful presence. His eye contact with me, as though he was calculating my moves or reading me.  We were at a stand off.  My water hose didn’t faze him. He kept feasting.  I threw things, He didn’t pay me any attention.  I stomped my feet, He didn’t budge.  I am thinking what kind of Bird is this?  I threw a weight.  He glided on the fence.  I threw another one He glided to a higher fence.  Still checking me out, waiting for me to leave.  Well, finally he let me have my space, He spread his lofty wings and glided like a souring EAGLE.  WOW! I thought what kind of bird is HE?  He was almost as big as an EAGLE, but I knew better.   He left an impression. Of course the LARGE CROWS were hubbering at lease 10.  As I cleaned the yard, he was watching from the high sky.   Well, you know the remaining chickens went into the cage with out a problem.  Didn’t have to force them in.

hawk in flight

I was quite inspired by the BIG BIRD, with the powerful energy whom commanded respect, and had a powerful wing spread.  My psychic chanted HAWK, HAWK, HAWK, so I went to the internet.  I have Meet a NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN CHIEF of the UTE TRIBE of COLORADO RESERVATION. I have enjoyed many Sweat Lodge Ceremonies.  I have visions and have seen the Animals inside the Sweat,  I have experienced the sounds of BIRDS from the East Directions, and a Coyote and White WOLF from the North and East Directions.  So this encounter echoed to me spiritually.

The HAWK is associated with the number 14, with the Tarot Card Temperance.  The Temperance Card represents the Teaching of HIGHER EXPRESSIONS of PSYCHIC ability and VISION.

The HAWK represents a MESSENGER in the NATIVE AMERICAN CULTURE.  The Divinity that carries the messages all over the Universe is ESU, so the Hawk is linked to ESU as well.  The HAWK often shows UP in our lives when we need to pay attention to the subtile messages found around us, and from those we come into contact with.  As with all messages received, it is important to recognize the messages underlying TRUTH.  We will be taught to be observant and also pay attention to what we may tend to overlook.

This could mean a talent we aren’t using, a gift or unexpected help for which we haven’t shown our gratitude for, or a message from the Universe.  As there are so many HAWK varieties, the messages vary and can affect all levels of our psyche.

HAWKS are the protectors and visionaries of the Air.  They hold the Key to HIGHER LEVELS of CONSCIOUSNESS.  This power ANIMAL enables US to AWAKEN VISION and INSPIRES a CREATIVE LIFE purpose.  Having HAWK as a POWER ANIMAL (spirit guide)  means your life will be filled with responsibility because, HAWK people seek the overall view.  You will most probably be aware of OMENS and SPIRIT messages.

A RED TAILED HAWK is special.  It will always be with you, for life. It has direct ties to the KUNDALINI, the SEAT of PRIMAL LIFE FORCE.  It is linked to the BASE CHAKRA.  If you have this POWER ANIMAL, you  need to be aware of and work toward fulfilling your SOULS DESTINY.  It reflects far greater in TENSITY of ENERGY with in YOUR LIFE:


Spiritual forces will be felt strong within you.

One trait ALL HAWKS share, is the ability to move between the SEEN and UNSEEN REALMS, GRACEFULLY, joining both worlds together.  Their ACUTE VISION attributes this ability, their discriminating NATURE keeps them OUT of Dangers Path.

HAWKS have a BROAD vision, allowing them to see what the future holds.  In man this is a SYMBOL of PROPHETIC INSIGHT.  If this gift is under developed, it is common for people with this POWER ANIMAL to have a tendency of over analyzing everything.  When this is so, CLEAR VISION is lost.  You must learn to keep your analytical mind under Control, not allowing it to run wild.

HAWKS, also posses many HUNTING SKILLS.  The most common, when pursuing PREY, is to SWIFTLY follow the PREYS efforts to get away.  Once the PREY is caught in the HAWKS mighty TALONS, it is then dismembered  with their SHARPLY POINTED POWERFUL BEAK.  There is nothing weak about this bird.  For US, this may indicate that we may be able to RUN but we can not HIDE from OUR DESTINY.  For eventually it will catch up with us.

The DESTINY of MAN is to awaken from their SPIRITUAL AMNESIA and to realign with the ORIGINAL intention of their SOUL.  When the HAWK gets ahold of us in his POWERFUL TALONS, WE will be asked to evaluate who WE have become and to shatter our SELF CREATED ILLUSIONS.  This will help our inner truth to come out into the OPEN and for it to shine.

HAWK DENOTES UNION WITH ALL THAT IS.  The HAWK is a BIRD of the HEAVENS, arranging the changes necessary to prompt our SPIRITUAL GROWTH.  Having this POWER ANIMAL can be BITTERSWEET.

When accepting its presence in YOUR LIFE, you will be asked to SURRENDER, GIVE UP anything that doesn’t HONOUR the I integrity of ALL LIFE.  Whether its an idea, feeling, or action.  Although hard work is involved, the REWARDS to be REAPED are GREAT, for out weighing this.






Times passes, life happens, distance separates, children grow up, children pass away, jobs come and go, love waxes and wanes, we stagger in unconsciousness, our heads are budded.  Men don’t always do what we expect or what they’re suppose to do.  Hearts break, secret enemies are revealed,  parents die, colleagues forget favors, and careers end……….BUT……..SISTA’S Are THERE!  No Matter How much time and how many miles are between you…….A Friend GIRL is never farther away than a phone REACH………..

When you have to walk that LONESOME VALLEY and you have to walk it by YOURSELF, the SISTAHOOD established in your lives will be on the VALLEY’S EDGE, CHEERING YOU ON,  PRAYING FOR YOU, PULLING FOR YOU, INTERVEINING ON YOUR BEHALF and waiting with open arms at the Valley’s end.  HIP….HIP…HURRAY….MY SISTA YOU MADE IT THROUGH and the BLESSINGS over shower your WORTH!





599302_228387903988875_1841917319_n (1)


The Yoruba Religion is complex and a combination of THEOLOGY and RITUAL.  In order that we understand its fundamental ideals, it is also necessary to give the basic explanations about the tenets of YORUBA thought.

The YORUBA are NATURE worshippers.  NATURE worship in this sense means REVERENCE that is paid to the DIVINE BEING(S), whom are the controlling creative FORCE within the UNIVERSE. We are speaking on ENERGIES, that works for us or against us.

The YORUBA also believe that the FORCE of NATURE, or GOD, is the SUPREME BEING.  This SUPREME BEING is referred to as OLODUMARE.  The SUPREME HEAD who is head of the fullness of ALL things and REMAINS UNCHANGING always PERMANENT. The CREATIVE  and CONTROLLING source of ALL blessings throughout the universe.

The YORUBA also believe that, OLODUMARE  is a pure energy composed of both male and female energies the SOURCE BEING who puts beings in a person, without  man/woman cannot become a person.  The Yoruba also believe, that OLODUMARE affixes destiny in each of us and controls it eternally.  From before we are born, when we are born, all through life, at death, and after death.  We are all in the governorship of the SUPREME DEITY OLODUMARE.

OLODUMARE in a infinite UNIVERSE, he has no time directly involve himself in all the affairs of men. The YORUBA believe OLODUMARE rules in absentia that he relinquished his role to OBATALA, giving him the AUTHORITY to govern in his absence and his powers were divided among the deities who were called ORISA.  The ORISA are deities with certain attributes whom ascended onto earth to leave, gifts, their attributes, elements etc. into the Earth and are remembered by even today.  This will be shared on blogs on each ORISA.